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In 1996, Alan Rasmussen was moved to help hurting teens through the art of Christian Music Video. He recognized music as a form of positive communication for youth, so he set out to share the love of Christ through televised Christian music. Control Track was birthed out of his home in Orlando.

Alan recruited his friend and professional actress Susanna Velasquez—to be the show’s first host. While acting in an Eckerds 3D commercial, Susanna met assistant director Gil Chavez, who would later become Control Track’s segment director. A year later the show’s staff added a third member when Alan assigned Julie Kotze to the role of production assistant. Through her hard work and dedication, she was soon promoted to Associate Producer. And the rest is history!

After seven years, Susanna (www.susannavelasquez.com) left Control Track and moved to L.A. to further her acting career. Soon she landed rolls on General Hospital, The Young The Restless, Gilmore Girls, and Surviving Christmas. During GMA week, the Gospel Music Association arranged for Susanna to share a room with Rebecca Blacksmith, an on-air talent for 10 years in the #1 market. Alan soon selected Rebecca to be the new Control Track host. The crew now boasts an average of seven people per television shoot and travels around the country filming music video interviews.

Control Track airs six days a week with one new episode per week, combining music videos and celebrity interviews oriented around faith in God. The show first aired on a few local stations, but can now be seen on the Dish Satellite Network, Sky Angel Satellite Network, and local television outlets in the South.

Control Track will be approaching its 10th anniversary next year and has already received 13 national awards including Telly and Angel Awards. The 2003 Telly Award -winning episode Salute to Our Troops aired in support of U.S. troops in Iraq, initiating grateful e-mails from soldiers abroad and others deeply touched. Who would have guessed ten years ago that a man with a dream working out of his home could pull together a few friends, a few cameras, and reach the world?

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